Kuta Lombok

To get to Kuta took us some hours and Indonesian traffic is madness. Motor bikes are by far the most common means of transportation on Lombok like on many of Indonesias Islands. It is a fast and easy way to come from one end of the island to another but it also is a very dangerous way of movement which costs much death and injury every year. On our travel we heard too many stories of locals who have family members in the hospital due to an accident with a motor bike or nearly died in an accident themselves. This is why, although I do enjoy a nice bike ride, we chose not to go around by motor bike, the Indonesian traffic seems just a little too chaotic for that, as even locals often have trouble to get around without injuries.


The long beach of Kuta Lombok has one big advantage, it is not at all crowded with tourists and at the same time has beautiful sand, it is easy to go into the water. Children are playing naked in the small waves near the costline, laughing and greeting as we walk by them. Some older ones are persistently trying to sell their bracelets on the beach to earn some money for school fees.


The beach in Kuta is made of millions and millions of small balls which look too perfect not to be formed by a machine.
Duyung. One of the few words I managed to keep in my brain in Bahasa. Maybe because I was dreaming of being a mermaid since I was a kid.

There are some nice spots in Kuta Lombok besindes the beach, some of the local people still live in small fishermen houses next to the beach. But it hurts to see that some of them live in poverty only meters away from the street scene of the location with its with bars, restaurants and busy traffic. It obviously becomes hard to earn a family living on fishing here, so it seems.

What looks like a miniature version of a real one is the actual mosque of Kuta Lombok.
Beautiful stones.
A puppy is taking a nap in the shade of a palm tree.

Many people living in the fishermen village have watch dogs. They always run free, seem like straight dogs but belong to the small houses on the coast line. When it gets dark the dogs take security walks on the beach, always on alert.

Cafe 7 is a very rasta-style place serving good food, music and positive vibes. It sure is an international travellers hot spot around here.
The Spot Bungalows is my recommendation for a place to sleep, owners are caring and you get a nice cabin including a hammock in front for small money. There are dogs sleeping in the garden. The food and drinks are not overwhelming but for an overnight a good choice.


After one night in Kuta we took a car to our next stop: Gerupuk.

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